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At Eden we seek to bring hope to women who have been victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. It is estimated that there are 27 million people enslaved around the world today. Of the female victims, approximately 70% are being sexually exploited. In Asia alone, the annual profits generated from the sex industry is 9.7 billion dollars.

Here at Eden, we are taking a stand against this injustice, and doing whatever we can to decrease the statistics in our region of the globe. We believe that the victims of sexual exploitation desperately need to be free and to receive holistic healing addressing the needs of body, soul and spirit. Every person who comes to us is uniquely created by our Father and has her own set of needs. We strive to meet these various physical, emotional and spiritual needs through our medical clinics, shelters and alternative career training programs. read more >>

Stories of Hope - Ai Xin

During our time of outreach on the streets in the red light area,we met Lu Di Xiong. He was working as a pimp, and standing next to him on the street was his 3 year old daughter. It was midnight, and she was looking very traumatized. She was wearing very dirty clothes and as the car went past she called out to them saying "girls for sale" just like she had seen her father do.

Lu Di Xiong told us his daughter's name is Ai Xin, her mother, a 16 year old girl in prostitution, had run away and had no education. She felt Lu Di Xiong could never be anything different than a pimp and Ai Xin did not have any ID so she would never be able to go to school. Over the next few weeks we built a relationship with Lu Di Xiong and Ai Xin. read more >>

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